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Speech of Honorable George F. Hoar delivered in the Senate of the United States, April 17, 1900, on the policy of the United States relative to the Philippine Islands

George Frisbie Hoar (1826-1904) was a United States senator from Massachusetts, a leading organizer of the Republican Party, and a lifelong crusader for good government. The collection includes the original typescript text of a speech delivered in the United States Senate on April 17, 1900, containing holograph additions and corrections, and printed insertions. The material is inscribed to E. W. Doherty from Geo. F. Hoar inside the front flyleaf.

The speech was intended to persuade the Senate to vote against Senate Resolution 53, which proclaimed the Philippine Islands as territory belonging to the United States, and provided that a government be imposed by the United States. Senator Hoar cites examples of the decision of the United States in the case of Cuba, and also instances of the treatment of Afro-American civil rights in that time. He gives an extensive account of the recent history in the Philippines, with emphasis on the role of Emilio Aguinaldo as a leader. There are many quotes about and from Aguinaldo.