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Thomas A. Lister

Thomas A. Lister was an Entrepreneur associated with Metal Mining Properties, Lordsburg, New Mexico. Collection includes handwritten and typescript documents pertaining mainly to Lister's mining enterprises in Grant County and Hidalgo County, New Mexico. Included are location notices, assay reports, hand-drawn maps, blueprints, notebooks, telegrams, and other documents concerning the promotion, sale, and lease of specific mines. Those in Grant County are the Gold Gulch Mine, First National Gold Mine, Billali Mine, and Minneapolis Mine. Those in Hidalgo County are the Golden Eagle Mine, Mohawk Mine, Nellie Gray Mine, Reservation West Extension Mine, Silver King Mine, Quail Mine, Robert E. Lee Mine, and Sing Fat [?] Mine. On the location notices, the locators are often listed as Lister, his son Thomas Roy Lister, and a Frank G. Cline. Minerals found included gold, silver, and copper, with some associated lead and zinc. Among miscellaneous papers are Lister's will, leaving everything to his son Thomas. A stock certificate is for 495 shares in the Reservation Mines, Inc., of Lawe, N.M. Newspaper articles attached within some of the notebooks contain information on mining, as well as the area of Lordsburg, N.M.