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The Town of Jesus Maria Records

The mining town of Jesús María is located at the southeastern corner of the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. Licenciado José Rafael Revilla was governor of the state of Chihuahua in 1833. Licenciado V. Guerra was associated with the Civil Court of Chihuahua.

In the collection are five, single-leaf, holographic documents relating to the judicial district, the partido, of Jesús María; as well as to the ayuntamiento, the municipal corporation in charge of administration of the town. Two letters are written by Revilla to the president of the ayuntamiento of Jesús María. The first, which deals with the death and destruction caused by a severe storm, is signed Revilla, Chihuahua, June 25, 1833; the second is signed and dated July 2, 1833. The third letter is signed and dated Lic. V. Guerra, July 5, 1842, and is addressed to the first Justice of the Peace of Jesús María.

The other two documents are reports. One, dated March 31, 1844, is from Ignacio Bencomo, the Justice of the Peace of Motachic [possibly San Rafael de Motachic] to the sub-prefect of the partido of Jesús María. He lists the week's events, which includes mention of Apaches. The unsigned fifth document, of uncertain date, regards patriotic observances and the naming of patriotic junta at Jesús María.

Revilla's stationery has a large watermark of a star inside a shield design. Both of his letters have official ink-stamps, but with unclear lettering around the bird. Guerra's stationery also has a large shield for a watermark, but with an eagle on a castle inside, the name Guise.