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Traite de l'horloge a pendule, Chretien Huygens

Chrétien Huygens was a Dutch mathematician, physicist, and astronomer.

The collection includes two volumes: Volume 1 contains a handwritten translation by an unknown compiler of the five chapters of Huygens' book, plus an index. This is followed by three sections: "Vie d'Huygens," "Horloge de Chrétien fils de Constanti Huygens de Zulichem," and "Instruction d'Huygens sur l'usage de ses horloges pour trouver les longitudes." Volume 2 contains original steel-plate engravings of diagrams related to the text.

The material includes French translation of: Christiaan Huygens' Horologium oscillatorium, Apud F. Muguet, Paris, 1673, with his dedication to Louis XIV, dated March 25, 1673.