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Tucson Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Transgendered Issues Collection

Originated in 1998 as a mayoral task force in response to a hate crime in Tucson, the force evolved into a Commission of its own in 1999. The commission deals with a number of GLBT-related issues in the community, including HIV awareness and advocating for the gay community.

The commission was charged with advocating for the GLBT community in the Tucson area. Under this sanction, they developed political and social policies to better the lives of those in this community, including the creation of sensitivity training for local employers/employees and Arizona’s first Domestic Partner Registration. Among its other accomplishments were the addition of gender identity to civil rights protections and a recommendation of standard practices for health care and social services.

This collection is broken down into three boxes containing findings, reports, and other documents pertaining to the Tucson Commission on LGBT Issues. Many folders and articles are undated.