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University of Arizona Agricultural Experiment Station Records


Establishment of the University of Arizona and the Agricultural Experiment Station were interrelated. Frank A. Gulley was appointed Dean of the first School of Agriculture in 1890. Before the opening of the University in Fall 1891, Gulley selected faculty, oversaw building projects, and issued the first publications.

This collection includes correspondence, financial records, and related materials concerning the establishment of the Station and its branches, its staff, equipment, operation, publications, early experiments particularly with canaigre, sugar beets, and date palms, and investigations in plant breeding, grazing lands, water and soil analysis. Correspondents include various divisions of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, other experiment stations, nurseries, seed suppliers, and Arizona residents. Also includes material relating to furnishing the University of Arizona's Old Main building, the construction of other early University buildings, and the establishment of the first student military unit.