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University of Arizona Agricultural Experiment Station records

The national Agricultural Experiment Station System was created in 1887 to promote and conduct agricultural research at land-grant institutions around the country. The research arm of the College of Agriculture, the Arizona Agricultural Experiment Station was founded in 1890 along with the School of Agriculture. The creation of this school was interrelated to the founding of the University of Arizona.

This collection includes financial and agricultural records, workbooks detailing research and experiments, and miscellaneous related items. Ledgers cover 1894 to 1922. Agricultural records include planting at the various stations, field experiments, and readings of temperature, barometer, evaporation and terrestrial radiation from 1891 to 1903. Workbooks include research on mesquite, canaigre, sugar beets, soils, water, plants and dates. The collection also includes inventories of books and property belonging to the Stations and correspondence regarding the artesian well at Servoss, Cochise County, Arizona, spanning 1913 to 1915.