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University of Arizona Business and Professional Women's Club Records

May 11 - Equal Pay Day Flyer

The University of Arizona Business and Professional Women’s Club (UA/BPW) was organized in 1964 becoming a chapter of the Arizona Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs (BPW/AZ) and the National Federation of Business Women’s Clubs (BPW/USA). At the club’s founding meeting at the University, President Richard Harvill officially recognized UA/BPW at the University of Arizona campus. The University of Arizona Business and Professional Women’s Club became the first BPW club charted at a college campus by the BPW/USA.

UA/BPW members during the 1960’s and 1970’s were a mix of classified staff and faculty but later were mainly women who worked on campus as classified staff employees ranging from business managers, administrative assistants, etc.. The goals of the organization was to provide networking and support for the women on campus, address legislative and social issues affecting women, and provide scholarships for women. In addition to the commitment of their activities on campus, many members were also active members of other clubs and organizations that supported women issues in society.

The collection contains materials including meeting minutes and agendas, club history, correspondence, publications, scrapbooks of newspaper clippings related to the clubs members and activities they were involved in and photographs.