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University of Arizona Krutch Garden controversy collection

Clippings from the University of Arizona Krutch Garden controversy collection

This collection contains information related to the Krutch cactus garden controversy that took place at the University of Arizona in 2001-2002. When the University of Arizona contemplated removing the cactus garden to extend the campus mall, protests surrounding the garden and the historical significance of its presence at the university began. It was later decided to retain the Joseph Wood Krutch memorial cactus garden.

Materials in this collection include issues of the Arizona Alumni magazines that discuss Krutch Garden, newspaper clippings and online articles that discuss the controversy surrounding the potential move of the garden, a large selection of correspondence between Randall Holdridge and others regarding the garden, sustainability, and possible detrimental outcomes of moving different species within the garden, policy meeting notes, and publications about the Krutch garden.