University of Arizona

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University of Arizona Photograph Collection

Photo titled Bear Down Gymnasium, University of Arizona

The UA Photograph collection was created by Special Collections over the years, from donations received from various sources associated with the University, in order to provide subject access to these photographs within Special Collections holdings. 

Consists of subject files, arranged alphabetically, which were donated by students, alumni, and University departments over many years.  Topics include university buildings, students, and activities dating from 1885 to the present, but chiefly between 1910 and 1970.  Formats include cabinet cards, photograph albums, and photoprints. Photograph files on topics relating to the University of Arizona, its buildings, colleges, and activities throughout the history of the school.  The majority of the collection consists of campus buildings and colleges, students, sports teams, and campus events such as “A” Day, Homecoming, and Commencement.  There are extensive photographs of Agricultural Extension Service work throughout Arizona including dry farming, exhibitions and fairs, and other work in Prescott, Mesa, Phoenix, Snowflake, and other communities. The collection includes; photographs of student protests in the 1960s, U.S. Naval Training School during World War II, the filming of the movie, “The Westerner,”   and Ted Kennedy, Mo Udall, Lyndon Johnson, and Robert Kennedy giving campaign speeches on campus in the 1960s.