Collection: Balasic Family Collection

The Balasic Family Collection documents the entertainment careers of Victor and Paula (Enders) Balasic, as well as their sons Alfred and Victor, Jr. Also included are Paula Enders Balasic’s family, who ran the Circus Enders in Hungary until 1905. The Balasic family toured throughout Europe and Russia as a circus and then as an acrobatic variety act known as The Great Merkels or The Five Merkels (1904-1915), The Great Enders (1915), and The 5 Balasis (1916-1924).The family came to United States in 1923 for a tour and decided to stay permanently. Victor Sr. and Paula retired around 1925. Their sons continued to perform along with Alfred’s wife, Maria Holz, as the Balasi Trio (1925-1927), and finally as Florence Micareme & Co. (1927-1929), featuring Maria. As the Balasi Trio, the act featured a finger stand by Alfred and a grand finale of a head-to-head vault sequence with Victor as the vaulter, hence their byline “The Boys with the Steel Heads.”

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