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Will of Diego de Vargas

Diego de Vargas (1643-1704) was Governor and Captain General of New Mexico from 1692 to 1696 and from 1703 to 1704.

The collection includes a photostat of the holographic last will and testament of Diego de Vargas, composed at his death-bed in Bernalillo, NM and dated April 7, 1704. It updates a will made the previous year in Mexico City. In this detailed document, he arranges to repay the treasury in Mexico City for salary advances; acknowledges his illegitimate children, leaving them money and fine clothing; instructs his executor to sell silver tableware and jewelry to settle debts; discusses the fate of his slaves; makes other bequests; and plans for his funeral. The will was authorized by Alfonso Rael de Aguilar, the Secretary of Government and War. Witnesses were Juan de Ulibarri, Antonio Macario Maldonado Zapata, Felix Martinez, Fernando Duran y Chaves, Thomas Olguin, and Bernardo de Chaves.