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Work and Family: Low Income and Minority Women Talk About Their Lives

Consists of photocopies of transcripts of interviews with fifty-six low income and minority women. Includes a Master Index by Patricia Seavey, with an introductory essay by Karen Anderson. The indexes to the collection are organized by racial/ethnic group, geographic area, and subject. The topics of the interviews concern the diversity in the lives of women mainly in their work experiences, especially labor struggles, the health care professions, and family lives, particularly problems of family violence. The interviews were conducted by Fran Leeper Buss between 1976 and 1990. They were transcribed as a collaborative project, directed by Janice Monk, of The Southwest Institute for Research on Women and The Schlesinger Library on the History of American Women.

Each file contains transcripts of the interview with Fran Leeper Buss, field notes written by her, an individual index, a release form signed by her (note that many of the women chose to use a pseudonym), and an inventory list with a short biography.