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Special Collections is closed due to COVID-19, public safety, and social distancing. Read our update.


Special Collections supports and encourages research, teaching, and scholarship involving the use of our collections.  We provide a variety of duplication services for researchers at a cost, but restrict certain materials due to condition, size, or donor requirements. 

During COVID-19, requests for duplication will follow a new model of "digital first." Researchers will be directed to digital versions of collections, if available. If no digital versions exists, duplication requests may be submitted by researchers but all requests will be delayed because of limited hours of operation and minimal staffing. University of Arizona students, faculty, and staff requests will be given priority over duplication requests from UA affiliates and community users. No rush orders will be offered until further notice.

If you are interested in using a duplication in a publication, see Permissions.

Duplication Fees

COVID-19 Duplication Services Fee Schedule  Special Collections is offering new duplication fees while our repository is operating under COVID-19 measures.  Please see the fee schedule below for details. Please note we will return to our regular fee schedule when we are able to return to our traditional repository hours of operation. 

Requests may take an average of 15-20 days depending on size and material type.

Patron Type Service Fee
UA Students, Faculty, Staff Low resolution document scans 

First 20 scans are free. 

21 or more  $0.10 per page and a $3.00 set up fee. Per person 

  High resolution document scans  $0.25 per page and a $3.00 dollar set up fee. 
  Photographs  $10.00 each 
UA Affiliates and Community users  Low resolution document scans 

First 10 scans free. 

Eleven or more $0.25 per page and a $3.00 set up fee. Per person 


High resolution document scans



$0.25 per page and a $3.00 dollar set up fee. 

$10.00 each

Service Fee

Audiovisual digitization policy (see below)

Audiovisual material (digitized in-house)

Audiovisual material (digitized by vendor)


$20 per item

Contact staff

Oversize scan (see below)




CD media $5
FedEx shipping

$7 (2 day)

$15 (overnight standard)

$35 (international)

Prepayment is required for all orders.  For requests over 10 images, or 100 pages, 50% of the estimated total is due at the time of the order. 

*For large orders, multiple setup fees may be applied; and will be charged at the folder level.

Contact us with questions at or fill out the request form below.

Scanning of Oversized Materials

Oversized materials will go out once a week to vendor for duplication.  

Reproductions of oversized materials from Special Collections are available through an outsourced vendor, Reproductions Inc.. Special Collections staff review and approve all oversized scanning requests in advance. Reproductions Inc. performs duplication work according to the requestor’s specifications. Reproductions Inc.  sets its own rates and rates can vary depending upon the service. Payment in full is required before items are picked up from Special Collections.  Requestors are responsible for contacting Reproductions Inc. directly and arrange payment for the reproduction.

Audiovisual Digitization Policy

Use of original audiovisual materials is restricted due to their fragile nature. AV materials must be digitally reproduced to facilitate research access. There is an eight item limit and 10 week grace period for in-house AV digitization.  Formats that can be digitized in-house include VHS, U-matic, Hi-8, DVCAM, 1/4  inch audio tape, and audio cassettes. Motion picture film and grooved analog discs (lacquer discs, shellac discs, vinyl records) are outsourced to a vendor. File transfers for existing digital content are $10.

Request Duplication

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