University of Arizona

2010 Student Research Symposium

125 Years of UA History

University of Arizona's Silver and Sage Celebration (125 years)

The 2010 Student Research Symposium celebrates the UA's 125th anniversary with an open reception, student presentations, and a poster session that provides a retrospective review of the University of Arizona as seen by students in History 396, a research capstone course taught by Professor Martha Few.

Although the topics of History 396 vary, the subject for this year was "The History of the University of Arizona." In the spring semester Professor Few’s students relied primarily on Special Collections to research their selected topic; the May 5 reception and poster session is the culmination of their intensive efforts. The three students who will be presenting and their topics are:

  • Tim Kinney, "The University of Arizona during Wartime, 1916-1920"
  • Chelsey Belmer, "Student Traditions at the University of Arizona during the 1950s and 1960s"
  • David Rivas, "How the West Won: The History of the University of Arizona Polo Team, 1924-1933"

Using primary source documents including photographs, scrapbooks, memos, and news clippings, the students revisited UA history in a wide range of topics including the origins of the university; the UA during the Mexican Revolution and World War I; the first female professors at the UA; and the creation of the UA’s School of Dance.

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