University of Arizona

Covering Mexico in Violent Times:

A Conversation with Alfredo Corchado and Angela Kocherga

Join us for the final talk being held in conjunction with "The Documented Border" exhibit and digital archive. "Covering Mexico in Violent Times: A Conversation with Alfredo Corchado and Angela Kocherga" will share first-hand accounts from two distinguished journalists who have covered the U.S.-Mexico border and Mexico for decades.

Alfredo Corchado is the Mexico City bureau chief for The Dallas Morning News, and author of the acclaimed, Midnight in Mexico: A Journey into a Country's Descent Into Darkness. Angela Kocherga, who is based in El Paso, Texas, is the border bureau chief for KHOU. Together, these tenacious journalists have worked tirelessly to improve understanding about the border and Mexico. Professors Celeste González de Bustamante and Jennine Relly of the School of Journalism will have a public conversation with them, giving the UA community and southern Arizona a chance to hear why and how it has become so difficult to cover Mexico during violent times. Corchado's and Kocherga's oral histories are included in the recently inaugurated open access digital archive, "The Documented Border".

The Documented Border exhibit and digital archive shares original border-related research material collected and curated by University of Arizona faculty along the US-Mexico border. This innovative, open-access archive documents personal stories of journalists who have been silenced and government processes that cannot be videotaped or photographed.

Contributing faculty include Celeste González de Bustamante and Jeannine Relly from The Center for Border and Global Journalism and the School of Journalism, Lawrence Gipe from the School of Art, Verónica Reyes-Escudero, borderlands curator from Special Collections, and Erika Castaño, digital archivist with the University Libraries. The year-long, collaborative project was funded by the Confluencenter at the University of Arizona.


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