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UA Anthropology: A Century of Continuity amid Change

Join us as Diane Austin, Professor and Director, School of Anthropology and Research Anthropologist with the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology (BARA), opens Special Collections' newest exhibition.

The University of Arizona School of Anthropology got its start in 1915 as the Department of Archaeology. In less than two decades, Departmental faculty, research, and teaching covered all four subfields of anthropology - archaeology, biological, linguistic, and sociocultural – as well as applied anthropology, and in 1937 the unit was renamed the Department of Anthropology.

Over the years, at the same time it spawned units as diverse as the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, the Geochronology Laboratories (which became Geosciences), and Mexican American Studies, the unit grew to be one of the top nationally and internationally recognized U.S. anthropology programs. Across all subfields, faculty and students address pertinent global questions and challenges related to humans, past and present.

This presentation will highlight some of the key historical and current challenges addressed by University of Arizona anthropologists.

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