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"Remembering and Forgetting with Memorials"
Associate Professor Susan Crane, UA Department of History

Students and visitors alike are often unaware that there are two highly visible war memorials on the University of Arizona campus, each commemorating aspects of the twentieth century’s largest conflicts. How do memorials participate in both remembering and forgetting major events or historical personages? Rather than sounding alarm bells about memory lapses or insisting on any particular memory imperative, we will discuss how memorials’ meanings can change over time.

"Through Sailors’ Eyes: Exploring the History of the USS Arizona Through Primary Resources"
The Katheryne B. Willock Director of Special Collections Steve Hussman

Hussman will explore primary resource materials including diaries, photographs, and other materials that convey the sailor’s life on a battleship, and discuss the reasons for their importance in research, cultural preservation, and community legacy.

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