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Special Collections is closed due to COVID-19, public safety, and social distancing. Read our update.

The Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies at Yale University Library

The University of Arizona Libraries Special Collections is an access site for the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies at Yale University Library. As an access site, Special Collections provides streaming access to the Fortunoff Video Archive through a secure workstation in the Reading Room and remotely via the University's VPN client. 

Special Collections holds master videocassettes of seven testimonies conducted by the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona in partnership with Yale’s Fortunoff Archive in 1990. Descriptions and unique identifiers for the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona Holocaust testimony videocassettes (MS 667) can be found in the collection guide.

To request testimonies for viewing through the Fortunoff Video Archive, you must first create an account with the Aviary platform, receive a confirmation email, sign into and search Aviary, and request access to the testimony you want to view. You only need to request access to one testimony to obtain viewing rights for the entire collection.

Detailed instructions for access can be found here:

- After registering in the Aviary platform, you can search for a testimony and request access.

- Once you receive approval of your request via email, you will use your Aviary login at our dedicated workstation in the Special Collections Reading Room, or sign in remotely after connecting to the campus VPN client, to view the testimony. If accessing within the Reading Room, be sure to bring your Aviary login information with you. Requesting access to one testimony allows full access to the entire collection.

- There is a two-hour time limit on use of the workstation if multiple patrons are in line to view content.

- The Archive is a copyrighted work, all rights belonging to Yale and its associated licensors. Users may view the Archive and take notes on the viewed content, but may not in any way copy, reproduce, or distribute any of the content without the express and written permission of Yale.  Quotation or citation from the Archive for use in published works of any kind, including, but not limited to, scholarly journals, dissertations and theses, is expressly prohibited without prior written permission. Such permission shall not be unreasonably withheld.