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Discovering the Fabric of Recovery

“Discovering the Fabric of Recovery” is a video, produced by Gretchen Wirges, of the artist creating a quilt while talking about their sobriety. 

About the Artist

Gretchen Wirges is in the tech industry as an adult learning specialist. But when she's not on the clock, she is an artist, actor, director, and playwright here in Tucson. Gretchen dabbles in a little bit of everything as an artist; quilting, photography, puppet-making, sound design, painting, writing.

Their photography concentrates on portraits and headshots. Gretchen looks to find those spaces between the posed pictures we think we want, to discover the truth and beauty in ourselves and our relationships.

Wirges taught themself how to quilt when she was 12. It was a therapeutic art that helped her learn the role of precision, color theory, and construction. But it also has given her a way to care for others. To provide a comforting gift of her time and attention that they can keep for generations. In return, Gretchen gains a meditative art form that allows her to breathe, concentrate and be in the moment.