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A photograph taken of the Certificate of Nomination for the United States.

Published in Tucson, AZ. Published weekly on Thursdays

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Santa Rita Hotel clipping submitted by community member

The El Charro residence, adjoined to El Charro, included a second story residence with a small balcony.

Tucson Army Surplus Store sold military supplies to the public, as well as purchased items from the public. The building features a large, rounded corner that can be seen on the corner of Mesilla Street.


The Maytag Store was an appliance store located on the intersection of W. Congress and S. Meyer. The store was still open and selling beach washers. The store also offered service for broken appliances.

A street view on W. Congress shows Imperial Home Furnishings and the Pekin Café. Imperial Home Furnishings, at 160 W. Congress, offered service on home furnishings as well as tv, radio, and HiFi sales service. Pekin's Café advertised chop suey and…

Urban renewal West Congress St. block to be demolished.

La Casa Cordova is one of the oldest standing buildings in Tucson. The building at 140 N. Main Avenue was purchased by the Cordova family in 1936, but is rumored to have been built when Tucson was still a village in the Mexican State of Sonora.…

Small residence shaded behind a tree. Facing 322 S. Meyer from Meyer Street. Residence includes a white picket-style fence and gate. Cross streets, S. Meyer Street, W. Cushing Street. Exact location, 322 S. Meyer.

Two residences stand behind an aluminum siding wall. A large section of one of the homes has deteriorated and much of the siding is gone. Cross streets, S. Meyer, W. McCormick. Exact location, 284-290 S. Meyer. Corresponding image, 1.B.4.

Vacant lot north of 83 S. Main shows a large Orkin pest control billboard. Another sign advertises the Pueblo Center Redevelopment Project sign.

A series of residences located on W. Alameda between Pearl Ave. and Granada made up Granada Courts. These rented homes featured one or two bedrooms, studios, furnished and unfurnished models, from $60-85 per month rent. The manager's apartment, #1,…

A stone wall on W. Broadway, between the back of Rueben Gold's Furniture Store and another business. The Pima County Administration Building is in the background.

Apartments located on W. Corral near the intersection of S. Convent. Buildings include peaked roofs. Cross streets, S. Convent, W. Corral. Exact location, 32 W. Corral.

Interior view of some residences that are in the downtown Tucson area.

A series of four abandoned units. They are listed as dwellings in Sanborn Fire Insurance map records but could also be businesses that were abandoned along S. Meyer. Building numbers are posted above door. All glass panes appear to be broken and the…

The Ying-On Club,located on 101 S. Main St. is part of the Ying On Association, or the Ying On Merchants and Labor Benevolent Association. The Club was used to maintain Chinese ethnic identity, follow native traditions, and assist businessmen with…
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