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Pamphlet containing Mexican Youth Catholic Organization’s President Octavio Elizalde’s (1923-1929) address to the Los Angeles and San Diego Diocesan Council establishing the organization and actions of its U.S. chapters

Excerpts from the album about the life and death of Fidel Muro. Includes photos of Fidel Muro, María and Luis de la Torre and the Archbishop of San Luis Potosí, poems by Amado Nervo, a dedication by María de la Torre; a stamp from San Luis Potosí’s…

Postcard of Alfonso De la Torre and Cristero General Luis Ibarra

Photographic portrait of Alfonso De la Torre Uribarren during his youth

Commencement address by Ignacio Bours who graduated from the commerce course at St. Francis Xavier Apostolic School in Magdalena Sonora, founded by the bishop of Sonora Juan Navarrete and where Alfonso, Luis, Edmundo and Carlos de la Torre also…

Mexican Youth Catholic Association’s broadsheet distributed by the Tampico chapter in which the organization protests against the attacks on religious freedom as well as the coming enactment of “Calles Law,” praises Christ as King of the World and…

Bylaws from Isabel the Catholic Women’s Club and the Guadalupan Youth Circles, in whose establishment and organization Father Ignacio was involved in as part of his pastoral work in Nogales, Sonora

Photographic portrait of Benjamín De la Torre Uribarren in his youth

A copy from a series of flyers printed by the National League to Defend Religious Liberty promoting a boycott in 1929. The boycott comprised various actions such as not purchasing lottery tickets, attending playhouses or movie theaters. Its…

Carlos de la Torre in Bogotá, Colombia

Carlos de la Torre in Xochimilco

Photographic portrait of Carlos De la Torre in his youth

Calos De la Torre, working at CIAS (Center of Information and Social Assistance)

Photograph depicting the brother priests Carlos, Francisco and Ignacio De la Torre, in front of the northern Center for Social Information and Action (CIAS) located on 52 Juárez Ave. in Torreón, Coahuila, which was founded and directed by Carlos. The…

Letter from Alfonso De la Torre to his mother María Uribarren regarding the Mexican Youth Catholic Organization’s (ACJM) protests against religious persecution, the Bishop’s position on the matter and the “civic courage” that was instilled in him at…

Farewell letter by Alfonso De la Torre to his mother María Uribarren explaining his reasons for joining the Cristero militia

Letter from Alfonso De la Torre to his little brother, Carlos De la Torre, in which he offers advice on how to become a man

Letter from Alfonso De la Torre to his father, Ignacio De la Torre Berumen, about reprisals taken against their tannery business due to the family's relationship with Sonora's clergy and the common assumption that Bishop Juan Navarrete was its real…

Letter from Benjamin De la Torre to his sister, María de la Torre, in which he describes the working conditions and his relationships with workers in the chrome tannery in Guaymas, Sonora

Letter from Benjamin De la Torre to his mother, María Uribarren, in which he describes his arrival at Aguascalientes, the family tensions that his presence has brought on given his Cristero brother's situation, as well as his work and distance…
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