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Detail of De natura deorum
Title in English; The nature of the gods.

Detail of Correspondence. Opvs epistolarvm Divi Hieronymi Stridonensis / vna cum scholijs Des. Erasmi Roterodami, denuo per illum non vulgari cura recognitum, correctum ac locupletatum.
From the Heiko A. Oberman Library.

Detail of Colloquia
From the Heiko A. Oberman Library

Detail of Witt against Wisdom. Or, A panegyrick upon Folly : Penn'd in Latin by Desiderius Erasmus, render'd into English...

Detail of Perugia, Italy, Liber chronicarum
Illuminated leaf with woodcut graphics and text on both sides. Title: Liber chronicarum.

Title page of the German edition of the papal bull, 1520
Title page facsimiles related to Martin Luther and the Diet of Worms.

The School: Schoolboys and the schoolmaster with John Luther carrying his son Martin alongside Margaret Luther, 1488-1497.
Quotidian and historically significant scenes from Martin Luther's life.

Pope Paul III, 1534-1545
Roman Catholic Popes during Martin Luther's lifetime.

Detail Papal Bull, May 19, 1520, Magnvm bvllarivm Romanvm
This documents serves as an official condemnation or warning to Martin Luther of the errors of his actions by the Catholic Church.

Detail of Papal Bull, June 16, 1521, Magnvm bvllarivm Romanvm
In this document Martin Luther is officially excommunicated as a heretic from the Catholic Church.

Detail of Germany Switzerland and The Netherlands During the Reformation and the Thirty Years' War
Political map of Northern Europe.

Detail of Martin Luther and the German Bible
Original title in German: Martin Luther und die deutsche Bibel

Luther Rose or Luther Seal
Seal received from Frederick the Wise and used by Martin Luther in his publications. The graphic is used today by the Lutheran faith.

Map of the Holy Roman Empire
Full title: S. Imperium Romano-Germanicum oder Teutschland mit seinen Angräntzenden Königreichen und Provincien, neulich entworffen und theils gezeichnet durch Iulium Reichelt Chur Pfaltz: Rath und Mathes: Professor P. zu Strasburg aber aussgerführt…

Portrait of Martin Luther, 1522
Portrait with caption in Latin: Imago Martini Lutheri eo habitu ex pressa quo reversus est ex pathmo uuitte.

Portrait of Martin Luther, 1521
Portrait with caption in Latin: Lucae opus effigies haes est moritura lutheri aethernam mentis exprimit ipse suae.

Portrait of Martin Luther, 1520
Portrait with caption in Latin: Aetherna ipse suae mentis simulachra lutherus exprimit at uultus cera lucae occiduos. MDXX.

Detail of City View of Worms, Germany
Facsimile of city view of Worms, Germany from 1572-1618

City View of Wittenberg, Germany
Facsimile of city view created between 1572-1618.
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