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East side of tabernacle.

Presentation of USS Arizona bell by Rear Admiral Milton E. Mills to Dr. Alfred Atkinson, President of University of Arizona.

Workmen finish the installation of the USS Arizona's ship's bell in the University of Arizona bell tower at the Student Union.

A group of gentlemen identified only as "the Hawaiian team" hangs a wreath on the ship's bell of the USS Arizona in the presence of UA President Alfred Atkinson in the bell tower at the UA Student Union.

Construction workers carefully place the ship's bell of the USS Arizona as a crane lowers it into its new home, the University of Arizona Student Union Memorial Center

The Arizona Launched at the New York Navy Yard
This great battleship, sister ship of the Pennsylvania, was constructed and launched at the New York Navy Yard. Each of these great ships has a displacement of 31,400 tons and a speed of 21 knots. The…

Morris Udall with his favorite typewriter, 1960s or 1972.

Signing of the National Trails Bill, October 2, 1968. President Johnson looking at a large map with Udall.

Aimee Vega Montiel and her organization AMEDI (Mexican Association of the Right to Information) specialize in laws and legislation related to freedom of expression, press, and communication. Montiel discusses AMEDI’s involvement in the reform of laws…

President Kennedy presents special medal to Frost, with Udall in background, 1962. White House photo by Abbie Rowe.

Chelsea Adame, a reporter for the Imperial Valley Press in Central California, talks about her experiences reporting on public safety at the border. Adame discusses the linguistic challenges for non-native Spanish reporters and for changes in the…

William Thueson England formal portrait standing by a wooden fence holding his hat in his left hand.

Portrait of Susan C. Karant-Nunn and Ute Lotz-Heumann holding early protestant works held by University of Arizona Libraries Special Collections.

Udall Video 3.mp4
Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall had a tremendous impact on American environmental stewardship, politics, and Native American issues during their years of public service. This video celebrates their legacies and features materials that were…

Susan Aiken, University of Arizona English department, discusses being one of the first individuals to be working in the field of Women's Studies, and how this work came to be seen as "cutting edge'".

Ricardo Chavez Aldaza converses about his experiences as a radio host seeking political asylum in the United States. A staunch critic of the Mexican government and crime organizations, Chavez highlights the ways in which freedom of speech is under…

As director of the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas, Rosental Alves discusses his organization’s work in Mexico. Alves describes the situation in México as a crisis of violence and the need to assist journalists…

USS Arizona Artifacts 82.jpg
Rusted section of the gun barrel of a 5"/25 caliber antiaircraft gun taken from the wreckage of the USS Arizona. Inscribed on it the words "USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor, Dec 7 1941." The cog like "teeth" inside the barrel are an artifact of the gun…

USS Arizona Artifacts 02.jpg
Silk pillowcase with screened artwork and poem about a sailor's mother and an image of the Arizona after her 1931 modernization.

USS Arizona Artifacts 03.jpg
Purple banner with tufted edges with yellow and orange letters, in the center is a ship's wheel with words: "United States Navy" superimposed by a rope bordered five-pointed star surrounding a green, yellow and blue rendition of the ship at sea with…
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