Selected events in Martin Luther's life

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Selected events in Martin Luther's life


Luther, Martin, 1483-1546


Timeline of events in Martin Luther's life, from birth to death.


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1483 - Birth of Martin Luther: Martin Luther born in Eisleben, Saxony to Hans Luder and Margarethe Lindemann.
1501 - Martin Luther Studies Law at the University of Erfurt
1505 - Luther Caught in Storm, Vows to Become a Monk if St. Anne Saves Him 
1505 - Monk in Erfurt Monastery, Luther Joins the Augustinian Order 
1507 - Luther Celebrates His First Mass on May 2
1508 - Begins Study of Theology at Wittenberg University
1510 - Luther Walks to Rome, a Distance of Around 1,000 Miles, On Church Business 
1512 - Doctor of Theology in Wittenberg
1517 - Luther Preaches Against the Selling of Indulgences
1517 - 95 Theses Nailed to Church Door and Mailed to Archbishop of Mainz: 
Luther sent the Theses enclosed with a letter to Albert of Brandenburg, the Archbishop of Mainz. This date considered the start of the Protestant Reformation. 
1518 - Charged with Heresy in Rome
1519 - Leipzig Debate: 
Martin Luther debates Johann Eck, denying papal supremacy. Luther argues that scripture alone is the basis for Christian faith and doctrine (sola scriptura).
1521 - Luther Excommunicated by Pope Leo X Bull “Decet Romanum Pontificem”
1521 - Luther Exiled to the Wartburg: 
Declared vogelfrei (a wanted man), by Imperial ban, Luther is brought under the protection of Frederick the Wise in a provincial stronghold. Luther goes by the name "Junker Jörg" or "Squire George". While living in the castle he translates the New Testament from Greek into German.
1521 - Diet of Worms: Luther summoned before Charles V, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire on charges of heresy.
1522 - German Bible: Luther finishes German translation of the New Testament at Wartburg Castle. 
1522 - Luther returns to Wittenberg: 
Luther advocates for several social and religious reforms, including education for all, and encourages people to write music and hymns for church services.
1524 - Luther Relinquishes his Religious Habit
1525 - Luther Marries Katharina von Bora: 
Katharina, an ex-nun, nurtured Luther’s rich home life and gave birth to six children. 
1525 - Luther Holds First German Mass: 
Considered the first Protestant service. 
1529 - Marburg Colloquy: Luther debates with Ulrigh Zwingli about the presence of Christ in the Eucharist. 
1530 - Diet of Augsburg: Lutheran Princes and two imperial free cities present the Confessio Augustana on Luthern Theology to Charles V, but he refuses it. 
1530 - Publication of Confessio Augustana: Edited by Luther's friend and associate Philipp Melanchthon, these twenty-eight articles described the Lutheran beliefs and practices, and becomes their cornerstone of faith. 
1533 - Publication of Klug's Songbook: Includes "A mighty Fortress is our God", Luther's best-loved hymn. 
1537 - Luther Presents the Schmalkaldic Articles: Meeting of the Schmalkaldic League of rulers and theologians in Schmalkalden, Germany. Luther presents his Articles of Faith, a stricter Protestant confession and summary of Lutheran doctrine. 
1540s - Luther’s Health Suffers from Repeated Serious Sicknesses
1546 - Death of Luther: Luther dies at age 62 in Eisleben, Germany. His body is carried to Lutherstandt Wittenberg and he is buried in the Castle Church.