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  1. Paul S. Martin Papers

    This collection consists of professional correspondence, research files and publication files of paleoecologist and geoscientist Dr. Paul S. Martin, Emeritus Professor of Geosciences at the University of Arizona. Collection also includes material relating ...

    castanoe - 2022-03-01 13:04

  2. Ecology

    Walter Penn Taylor (1888-1972) was a senior biologist for the United States Department of Agriculture. Homer LeRoy Shantz (1876-1958) was a botanist, Chief of Division of Wildlife Management, Forest Service, United States Department of Agriculture, and ...

    castanoe - 2022-03-01 13:24

  3. The Virgin Irons of Tucson: the Frontier History and Mystery Surrounding the Great "Tucson Meteorite"

    The collection contains a photocopied typescript of The Virgin Irons of Tucson: The Frontier History and Mystery Surrounding the Great “Tucson Meteorite,” written by Richard R. Willey in 1984. Included materials: Manuscript Collection Area: History of ...

    castanoe - 2022-03-25 16:09

  4. Tucson-Arizona Sanatorium Records

    Dr. Samuel H. Watson was president of the Tucson-Arizona Sanatorium and Dr. Jeremiah Metzger was vice-president and secretary. The collection consists of articles of incorporation; by-laws; minutes of the June 8, 1914 organization meeting and the final ...

    castanoe - 2022-06-30 16:37

  5. Papers Relating to the Basic Concepts Commission for Science

    Correspondence, minutes of meetings, reports and recommendations by sub-committees and others, clippings, resource materials, and drafts of final guide relating to service as member of the Basic Concepts Commission for Science. ...

    castanoe - 2022-07-05 17:06

  6. Correspondence of the Arizona State Nurses' Association

    The collection contains letters to and from various officers of the Arizona State Nurses’ Association regarding finances, membership, and meetings; as well as requests for information about employment and nursing conditions in Arizona. Included materials: ...

    castanoe - 2022-07-18 16:34

  7. Poison Register

    The collection contains a holograph register from the Lowell Drug Company, a drug store in Lowell, AZ, which lists kinds of poison, their intended use, buyers and pharmacists. Included materials: Manuscript Collection Area: History of Science 1920 to 1958 ...

    castanoe - 2022-07-25 11:32

  8. Records relating to the Agency for International Development contract with the Federal University of Ceara, Brazil

    The objectives of this grant project were to ascertain the needs of the agricultural colleges at Fortaleza, Ceará, and Recife, Pernambuco with regard to administration, faculties, facilities, finances, and research programs. The collection includes ...

    castanoe - 2022-08-01 11:40

  9. Diary of David Dodge Jr.

    This collection includes a photocopy of a 35-page holographic diary by mariner, David Dodge Jr. The diary recounts his adventures aboard the whaling ship Russell, which began in New Bedford and spanned the years 1831 to 1834. Dodge describes the Pacific ...

    castanoe - 2022-08-03 16:33

  10. Traite de l'horloge a pendule, Chretien Huygens

    Chrétien Huygens was a Dutch mathematician, physicist, and astronomer. The collection includes two volumes: Volume 1 contains a handwritten translation by an unknown compiler of the five chapters of Huygens' book, plus an index. This is followed by ...

    castanoe - 2022-08-05 16:57