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Tucson’s Foodie Designation by UNESCO

Sep 8, 2016

You may have heard that Tucson was designated a World City of Gastronomy by UNESCO last year. Many are still scratching their heads and asking “why?” Sustainable Food Systems scholar at the UA’s Southwest Center Gary Nabhan was instrumental in getting Tucson recognized for its unique place in gastronomy and ethnobotany.

Spring Events Recap

Jul 12, 2016

Catch up on last semester's events with these video and audio recordings:

Breaking of Traditions for the Leap Year

Feb 17, 2016

Traditions come with a leap year that includes an extra day every four years. Many early laws did not recognize February 29th as a real legal day, and thus sometimes laws and customs were allowed to be ignored.

One convention that could be broken on February 29th, or sometimes for the rest of the leap month or the entire leap year, was that a woman was allowed to propose marriage to a man.

Holiday Closure - 12/24/2015 - 1/3/2016

Dec 23, 2015

Special Collections will be closed 12/24/2015 - 1/3/2016 for the University of Arizona Closure. We will resume normal hours beginning 1/4/2016. Happy holidays!

Happy 100 Year Anniversary to the University of Arizona Mascot!

Oct 15, 2015

October 17, 2015 marks the one hundred year anniversary of the University of Arizona having a mascot. On October 17, 1915 Tom Easter, a live bobcat, arrived on the UA campus. The following day he was introduced to the student body at an assembly in Herring Hall. Tom Easter was the gift of the freshman football team, who raised $9.91 to purchase him from a blacksmith located in Douglas, AZ. Soon he was rechristened “Rufus Arizona” after then UA President Rufus B. von KleinSmid.

Searching for Pancho Villa

Aug 11, 2015

Sophie Treadwell interviewed Francisco “Pancho” Villa shortly after Venustiano Carranza’s murder. Her article appeared in the New York Tribune on August 28, 1921. For more, explore MS 318, Papers of Sophie Treadwell.

La periodista Sophie Treadwell entrevisto a Francisco “Pancho” Villa después del asesinato de Venustiano Carranza. El artículo apareció en el New York Tribune en agosto 28 de 1921. Los invitamos a que exploren la colección, MS 318 Sophie Treadwell papers.

Why Was This Photo Banned from Publication?

Aug 7, 2015

This photo of students from the class of 1898-1899 in front of Old Main was taken for a newspaper but its publication was delayed for 52 years due to the concerns of the university president.

Finding the Things You’re Not Looking For at UA Special Collections

Jul 21, 2015

I love archives because every time I’m in one I find something of intellectual curiosity and value.  Much of the time what I find is the sort of item that an undergraduate professor once told me was really only useful for “good cocktail party conversation.”

At least he deemed it “good.”